Mag. DI Dr.
Bakk. rer. soc. oec.

At a young age, I became interested in legal issues. Nevertheless – or maybe because of that – I studied at the Technical University. Afterwards, I worked several years in an innovative manufacturing company, where I, among others, completed a university course as an innovation manager. Nevertheless, my legal interest moved me to start and complete the training as a patent attorney in a renowned Viennese patent law office. Finally, I decided to found a law office in Wiener Neudorf in the district of Mödling.

Austrian Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
European Trademark & Design Attorney

Master degree in Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna
Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna
Master degree in Economics at the University of Vienna
Bachelor degree in Business Administration at the University of Vienna
University course in Innovation Management at the Danube University Krems

Patentanwalt Stephan Haas
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